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Miami's leading expert on healing relationships

offers services for the three

most common problems couples have

Therapy and coaching sessions now exclusively and
conveniently via Skype or FaceTime 

Stay or Go Decision

Are you asking yourself these questions about your relationship?

  • Would I be happier if I leave?

  • Am I totally responsible for the tension between us?

  • Why do I doubt myself?

  • Why don't I have confidence in how I perceive things?

Roberta will help you sort out what you really want and make a plan of action to make it happen.

Am I Going Crazy

Do interactions with your partner cause you to worry like this?

  • Is this emotional abuse?

  • Am I being gaslighted?

  • Is it all me?

  • Do I deserve what's happening?

  • Am I doing something to bring on all this chaos myself?

Roberta will help you figure out what's real and what isn't.

Save My Marriage

Is your marriage in trouble because of one or more of these issues?

  • Constant bickering?

  • Anger or threats of violence?

  • Emotional betrayal?

  • Loss of trust?

  • Loss of love?

  • Acts of infidelity?

Roberta will help you heal the heartache and repair your marriage.



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Free 30 minute evaluation via Facetime or Skype

Not sure how to fix your relationship?

Fighting too much? No communication? Lost the spark?


Relationships are hard, and sometimes it's best if they end,

but you want to make sure you don't keep repeating past mistakes.

Why me?...

I understand the pain and confusion that overwhelms you. It is dreadful to feel that you have no one to turn to. I already know you have courage. That is what it takes to reach out to a stranger for help.


I will in simple and direct terms explain what is happening to you. You deserve the respect of a counselor not beating around the bush with the difficult questions that overwhelm you.


I am very direct to the point of often saying what you may not want to hear or accept. I know you need kindness and firmness and that is what i am about. A dash of humor on the darkest day is something I provide.


You can live a life free from jealousy, doubt, suspicion and defensiveness. You deserve to be happy. I look forward to working with you.

Why by Skype or FaceTime?

Rather than spend your time in traffic, and dealing with parking, sessions by Skype or FaceTime are convenient and less stress-provoking for clients with busy lives. Therapy and relationship coaching are all about finding new ways to approach life's challenges and gain more well-being.  Why not extend that concept to how and where we engage in that process?

~ Roberta

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